New Service Request

Welcome to the Poland Water Association Community. Please contact our Admin person by phone at 318-319-5696 to schedule the Operator to conduct a site visit to your location to look at your specific needs.  You can print out the Service Application and Agreement (if available) to apply for service.  We look forward to serving your water needs.

Listed below are our rates and various charges.

Poland Water Association




These rates are available under the general terms and conditions of the Poland Water Association to all consumers of water within the area served by the Poland Water Association are listed below.

CONNECTION FEE                               $20.00

This charge is to cover the administrative cost of re-establishing service and with reading the meter upon a change of customer where service has previously been established.

RE-CONNECTION FEE                         $40.00

This charge is for re-establishing service after disconnection for non-payment, failure to make deposit, fraudulent or seasonal use. 

DEPOSIT $150 for Owned and Rented Property

This charge is required of all new customers, paid at the time of connection to existing or New Tap.  This charge returned at the termination of service, less any outstanding balance.

TAP-IN-FEE $1300

This charge will include all labor and materials for the installation of the service line and meter and any other costs associated with the initial installation, plus the difference of any meter larger than the standard ¾ inch meter.  (1-in meter $1700 TAP in fee; any larger TBD by PWA)

If a State or Parish Road bore is required, additional charges will be incurred.

NSF CHECK CHARGE              $20.00

SERVICE CHARGE                   $50.00

This charge shall cover the cost of sending a Poland Water Association repairman sent to a consumer’s premises at the customer’s request when the trouble is found to be in the consumer’s house piping.


Maximum of 5% of monthly billing after 20 days from billing date.